The Preparatory Committee i.a. approved a list of suitable candidate judges. The candidates will receive a letter of the Committee informing them of the outcome in their individual case within the next weeks; the Training of some of the candidates will commence in the fall.

The Preparatory Committee has finalized its proposals on the draft European Patent Litigation Certificate which can be commented until July 25, 2014.

Progress Report


on the Implementation of the EU regulations No. 1257/2012 and 1260/2012.




On the burden of proof for the Registration of a Transfer of a Trademark (decision available in German, only).

On sec. IV no. 4 para 2 and 5 of the implementing Regulation of the Distribution plan of GEMA for the perfoming and broadcasting rights (decision available in German, only).

On sec. 34d para 4 and para 1 sent. 1 Trade Regulation (GewO) in the context of sec. 4 no. 11 Unfair Competition Act (decision available in German, only).

On the requirement of the defendant's consent to the withdrawal of a patent nullity action (decision available in German, only).

On the Termination of a cease and desist declaration in case the Basis of the declaration no longer exists, sec. 313 para 3 sent. 2 German Civil Code (decision available in German, only).

On the Unfairness of the so called "Screen Scraping" under sec. 4 no. 10 German Act against Unfair Competition (decision available in German, only).

On the unfair exploitation of the Commercial inexperience of adolescents through a lottery (sec. 3, 4 no. 2 German Act against Unfair Compeition).